The new Tony Iommi TI100 signature amp by Laney Amplification by Tony Iommi

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It's been four decades since Black Sabbath unleashed Heavy Metal onto an unsuspecting world and became a truly global musical phenomenon. We at Laney are extremely proud to have played a part in this sonic revolution -- back in the day Tony Iommi's amp of choice was a Laney L100BL. Since this auspicious day Laney's association with Tony Iommi has gone from strength to strength resulting in the launch of his first signature model the GH100TI, originally called the GH100S, almost 20 years ago. We are extremely proud of our association with Tony Iommi and very happy to be able to announce the launch of a new Tony Iommi signature amp -- the amazing TI100. The new Tony Iommi TI100 signature amp represents a dramatic leap forward in guitar tone. Born out of an exhaustive period of product development, carried out hand in hand with Tony, with Tony bringing unique insight, suggestions and innovations at every stage of the process, whilst continually assessing and refining the sonic character of guitar tone. The result -- what we think will be the most significant amp launch of 2012 Laney Amplification 'JUST PLAY IT' From The Black Country, United Kingdom

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Artist: Tony Iommi
Video title: The new Tony Iommi TI100 signature amp by Laney Amplification
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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