Dave Bernstein Solo #4 "Tiny's Tempo" (more Jump Bebop) by Tiny Grimes

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Dave Bernstein in 1999 at Biscuits&Blues in San Francisco CA. Here's Dave playing a nice bop solo on the famous Tiny Grimes tune featuring the young Charlie Parker. I always enjoyed listening to Dave play bop on a solid body electric as most jazz players don't, particularly using the odd organ effect towards the end. I hear Rene Thomas, Jimmy Raney and Bird of course. It's interesting to note that Dave almost always played with his fingers in a very strange technique he learned from his teacher (he sometimes used a pick for surf music). He usually played downstrokes with his thumb and upstrokes with his index finger or vice versa (depending on where he started). Dave was a great friend and a fantastic musician. Unfortunately we lost him a few years ago. I'll be posting guitar solos by Dave from this show and a few others in the months to come. Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoy it and please pass it on.

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Artist: Tiny Grimes
Video title: Dave Bernstein Solo #4 "Tiny's Tempo" (more Jump Bebop)
Category: Jazz & Fusion

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