The Game - Better Days (feat. Andre Merritt) NEW&LYRICS by Son House

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Description - New Music Updated Everyday! Come listen and download the hottest new hip hop and R&b music! New Song! Lyrics - [Andre Merritt] Been holding this pain inside for so long though the rain never goes away they say I should leave these streets behind me but its so hard to escape, oh lord please send me an angel to lead me out of this place, send me a away, far away to better days, [The Game] the first thing I wanna do is say wat up to TI, king of the south, now everybody see why, im just driving and thinking how I survived here, and I aint seen dre and eminem in 5 years, that sound shady right, i live a crazy life, so many black thoughts I had to paint the mercedes white, I can tell you about the rims but I aint here for that, going out like big and pac I fear for that, take this lambo and put 6 holes in it, shatter the glass and leave my body exposed in it, lift the doors up and let all my demons out, and I can see my brother now cos thats what i been dreaming bout, i aint thinking bout b-tches or pulling beemers out, im thinking bout my son safety everytime they leave the house, i know how to make it out the hood i seen the route, and heres the proof me venus and serena out, [Chorus] im sitting on these stairs at this church, bout to start a verse and somewhere in the world somebody about to start a hearse, tell me who inside it, whos son is that, and how he get there, now tell me who gun is that, i aint saying confess definietly aint saying snitch, but if you...

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Artist: Son House
Video title: The Game - Better Days (feat. Andre Merritt) NEW&LYRICS
Category: Blues & Funk

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