Pine Tree by Roye Albrighton

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From Austin Texas David Manry on Guitar his wilfe Elynn on Bass and Rick Shaw on drums. 1974Hendrix was his inspiration and idol. Moses has some amazing solos. That I would put right with Jimi Hendrix. As for her singing, well, she sounded better live is all I can say. Never could really understand her very will, but then again our PA sys. Was not the best thing in the world. I give her credit for her effort. We all sounded better live. Also in defense of the band, this was recorded just months after being together. And it was recorded on an old stereo 8-track recorder...yes one of those things we used before cassette tapes. Then it was transferred to cassette and now to digital. So some sound quality has been lost. A special 'Thank-You' to Gloria A 'Moses' online fan for all her help over the last two years in locating him. Rick Shaw

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Video Details

Artist: Roye Albrighton
Video title: Pine Tree
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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