Within Temptation - Catching UP with Sharon Janny Den Adel&Robert Westerholt (Roadrunner Records) by Robert Westerholt

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Sail upon a new interview's tale with two of Within Temptation band members and two of the most talented musicians EVER, Sharon Janny Den Adel&Robert Westerholt, an interview sheltered by Roadrunner Records (since 1980!). This new video interview is included into The Unforgiving promotional interviews but Sharon and Robert talk about how they appreciate the created musical diversity through the years, nostalgic but appreciated feelings about the dusty past - a musical advanture as Sharon called it - the desire to tour again and present and feel the new songs live. Sharon also remembered about how the Within Temptation tale began 15 years ago now - sitting on the couch very enthusiastic about the first album Within Temptation coming out (Enter) - the first and imagining and magic excitement of presenting Enter album live and how does it all repeat with The Unforgiving again, the return to the beginning! Black Symphony DVD - one of the best highlight points and a dream metamorphosed into a wonderful reality for Within Temptation! In the last precious seconds of this video interview's embracement, it is brought into the stage lights the superb topic as respects the official tour of The Unforgiving - you would better make sure you will attend to all or most of The Unforgiving official tour dates!

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Video Details

Artist: Robert Westerholt
Video title: Within Temptation - Catching UP with Sharon Janny Den Adel&Robert Westerholt (Roadrunner Records)
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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