Robert Fripp&The League Of Gentlemen— Minor Man by Robert Fripp

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Minor Man is a track off of the 1981 release of The League Of Gentlemen. The band was, Robert Fripp [guitar], Sara Lee [bass guitar], Johnny Toobad [drums] and Barry Andrews [organ]. The band played 77 gigs during 1980 and released the one studio album the following year. Late in the tour [1980] Johnny Toobad left the band and was replaced by Kevin Wilkinson. To date, the studio album has not been re-released on compact disk [in its entire and original format]. however, a very nice set of live recordings was released under the title, 'League of Gentlemen: Thrang Thrang Gozinbulx' and can be purchased at [reasonable price for a used copy] and other vendors of quality music. Another release of live recordings, made in Hannover, Germany, can also be found at

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Artist: Robert Fripp
Video title: Robert Fripp&The League Of Gentlemen— Minor Man
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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