ROBERT FRIPP prt 2 interviewed by BAS ANDRIESSEN july 13 1999 by Robert Fripp

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The small room in the headquarters of DGM where Robert invited me to do the interview was appropriated for this task: no noise, no distracting objects, ok acoustics. Just before we started something happened that I will never forget. When I unpacked&installed my little recording equipment and pressed the "on"-button nothing happened: no power. Tried it again...nothing. New, niente, nichts! Robert was looking over my shoulder while I was desperately trying to make my recorder work. On my question if he ever worked with this kind of equipment and had some knowledge of it his short and very clear answer was "no"! Now I slowly started to panick: my God, if this machine won't work I have travelled my 8 hour trip for nothing and will return home with lots of dismay&anger but with NO interview! Then all of a sudden, after lots of pressing....yo! I will never know why initially it refused to work....what I do know is that this little technical delay made me feel very uncomfortable. Fortunately this feeling of inconvience disappeared from the moment the interview started. I kept a little fear throughout our conversation that the recorder might malfunction again, but since I needed to concentrate on the content of our talk and also constantly had to translate my questions and reactions in English I simply had no time to be bothered by such a thing as 'fear of failing technics'. It must be said -by the way- that Robert of course is a great interviewee since he...

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Artist: Robert Fripp
Video title: ROBERT FRIPP prt 2 interviewed by BAS ANDRIESSEN july 13 1999
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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