Robert Fripp - Disengage by Robert Fripp

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From Exposure, 1979. Mrs Marion is strict with her servant Behind locked doors over coffee they speak They speak to my sister and my parents And I'm trying hard not to shriek Disengage Disengage Disengage Disengage, disengage She decodes my secrets and my fragments I'd create any betrayal for their sake She asks me to wait in the hallway Where I'm doing my best not to, not to, not to shake Disengage, disengage Disengage Disengage Disengage Muttering words to her Muttering words to her Muttering words to her for convenience I start to head for the door Mrs Marion screams over my shoulder Walking out's just another metaphor Disengage

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Artist: Robert Fripp
Video title: Robert Fripp - Disengage
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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