Peter Gabriel&Robert Fripp - Here comes the flood (with lyrics on screen) by Robert Fripp

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Here comes the flood (with lyrics on screen and below): the rendition that Peter Gabriel created for the album: Exposure artist: Robert Fripp, with Peter Gabriel and Eno on this track Here comes the flood had previously appeared with orchestral arrangement on Gabriel's first album but Gabriel disliked the production, and created a far simpler rendition of the song for Exposure. Personnel on Exposure: Robert Fripp— guitars, Frippertronics Daryl Hall — vocals on "Preface," "You Burn Me Up," "North Star," "Disengage II," "Chicago" disc two, "New York" disc two, "Exposure" bonus track, "Mary" bonus track; piano on "You Burn Me Up" and "Chicago" Terre Roche — vocals on "Mary," "Exposure," "I've Had Enoughof You," "Chicago" bonus track Peter Hammill — vocals on "Disengage," "Chicago," "I've Had Enough of You," "Disengage" bonus track, "Chicago" bonus track Peter Gabriel — vocals and piano on "Here Comes the Flood;" voice on "Preface" Brian Eno — synthesizer on "North Star," "Here Comes the Flood" voice on "Preface," "Postscript" Barry Andrews — organ on "Disengage," "NY3," "I've Had Enough of You" Sid McGinnis — rhythm guitar on "Exposure;" pedal steel guitar on "North Star" Tony Levin — bass Jerry Marotta — drums on "You Burn Me Up," "Chicago," "Exposure," "Hååden Two" Narada Michael Walden — drums on "Breathless," "NY3," "I've Had Enough of You" Phil Collins — drums on "Disengage," "North Star" Slideshow by Rapunzzl Apart from free stock images and wallpapers, I used...

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Artist: Robert Fripp
Video title: Peter Gabriel&Robert Fripp - Here comes the flood (with lyrics on screen)
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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