Let it Roll.wmv by Rick Parfitt

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This is a fusion of two guitar interludes of live gigs from a song called Rolling Boogie. After about 60 seconds the second gig blends with the first. I made a clip using some pictures from various performances also using pics from a private party. As you can see and hear the steady shufflebeat is the root and evil driving force behind the soloing, so I gave it a nice 50 style rock and roll touch putting Michiel in a timewarp machine. For the flanging effect I used a 70 ies phaseshifter, like a jet taking taking the song to a climax (I got the idea from the intro of 4500 times from Status Quo where Rick Parfitt uses the same effect..very tasteful.. so I wanted that effect pedal!!.(you might listen to Johnny Winter, in the 70 ies he used it a lot.) Gear: Marshall JMP combo + Fender Stratocaster 1974 (Jos), Peavey Amp + Gibson Marauder -S1- and Phase Shifter -original (John)

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Artist: Rick Parfitt
Video title: Let it Roll.wmv
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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