Steve Lukather - Transition

Published: Mar 30, 2013 Filed under: Rock & Heavy Metal

by Steve Lukather

Label: Mascot Label Group
Release Date: January 22, 2013

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An Evocative Mood Filled Transition From A Legend

Steve Lukather has just knocked it out of the park. His latest effort, "Transition," makes sure that the TOTO guitarist stays on the map for years to come. The reason that he has become such a successful session player as well is written all over this record. His band features an eclectic mix and this album seeks to show how all of them shine.

In past solo records such as "Candyman" and "Lukather", Steve showcased his impeccable versatility as a guitarist with avant garde instrumentals and out right dangerous soloing. However, with "Transition", he strips it all down and displays more of a focus on songs from the heart, with lyrical meaning, and spacious, mood filled arrangements which will make you drift away and get lost within the music.

The psychedelic sound that opens the album with "Judgment Day" is not an unwelcome one. An explosive chorus in this song gives way to a bluesy number with "Creep Motel." This is the way "Transitions" works. Among the dark shadows of mellow paced vibes and lush musical textures, songs like, "Right The Wrong" and "Last Man Standing" resolve with catchy, epic choruses which you will find yourself singing along with. The album ends with a heart felt instrumental, "Smile", which is dedicated to his mother.

Lukather may be called a musician by many and there is no denying his specific abilities with his guitar. With "Tansition", he claims that he just hooked up his guitar, miked the cabinet, and let it roll without any effects being added at the time. This is what being in tune with your music sounds like. He means every song on this album and feels them in his soul. You can't play guitar the way he does on "Transitions" without having an emotional connection to your music. If you love music even a little bit, you owe it to yourself to check this album out.


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