Soundgarden - King Animal

Published: Mar 30, 2013 Filed under: Rock & Heavy Metal

King Animal
by Soundgarden

Label: Universal Republic
Release Date: November 13, 2012

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Back From The Dead, Soundgarden Come To The Masses

Seemingly out of nowhere, grunge juggernauts Soundgarden announced they were soon to reunite in 2010 and their first album back proves they haven't lost their touch. The sixteen year wait gives us "King Animal" and almost an hour of sound that is uniquely Soundgarden.

For die hard fans wanting something similar to "Louder Than Love" you might walk away disappointed, but that doesn't mean this isn't worth a listen or three. Any band that returns from such a lengthy hiatus finds themselves in a precarious position with their fans and Soundgarden seemed up to the task of answering their prayers.

They have not succumbed to the "mature" sound that many bands fall prey to in their later years, but they keep with what works. Grunge era melody, riffs, and backbeats keep the album feeling solid all the way through. When you sit down and listen to "King Animal" it doesn't take long to settle in feel like you were never without their music. It never feels forced. You don't get the feeling that they were a down and out group that wanted to churn something out to make some fresh cash off of. The album as a whole feels like a group of musicians that felt like they had something to say again.

Many worried that Soundgarden would fall victim to modern overproduction, but they have indeed prevailed. Production quality, songwriting ability, and musical talents have increased, but only to allow the grunge sound that they perfected shine through.


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