Saxon - Sacrifice

Published: Mar 31, 2013 Filed under: Rock & Heavy Metal

by Saxon

Label: UDR
Release Date: March 26, 2013

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Saxon Releases Yet Another Solid Album Of Anthems

Saxon's twentieth release proves to be more of the same, but that same sound is one that rocks. "Sacrifice" is filled with a classic metal sound straight from the 1980s, but feels surprisingly relevant. Where other bands are stuck recycling album after album, Saxon have been honing, refining that sound to finally get it right.

"Sacrifice" is a darker, heavier record than their last. This stands out against other aging bands who have grown more in favor of up beat albums. They are here to stay and aren't going to change as long as their sound still works. Genius' don't worry about change for the sake of change, do they?

All in all it is a solid record from the title track at the beginning, but about halfway through it really picks up. From "Warriors of The Road" on it is song after song of soaring metal anthems that Saxon is known for. These anthems don't mean that they have settled down, however, the guitars are fierce, heavy, and fast throughout.

Stand out tracks include "Guardians Of The Tomb," "Wheel Of Terror," and "Warriors Of The Road." These cuts prove that all Saxon really needs is a few good hooks and they can make a melodic masterpiece with their musical talents handling the rest.

The albums is a great one. The guitars never stray far from genius and the drums fit in perfectly. Anyone who is a fan of British metal would be doing themselves a favor to pick up this heavy, but also soaring, album.


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