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Latest Rock, Heavy Metal, and Punk music releases reviewed. Take out a moment to read, view video, listen and download music before you buy.

    Saxon - Sacrifice
    British heavy metal veterans Saxon return with their 20th album, Sacrifice. A darker and heavier album than past recordings, filled with pounding anthems throughout.

    David Bowie - The Next Day
    The ten year wait is over, David Bowie brings us The Next Day. Breaking any formula, a mixture of classic uptempo and moody filled tracks are all over the album.

    Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance
    Norwegian black metal masters Darkthrone release their 15th album, The Underground Resistance. Six songs strong of chugging metal riffage.

    Suffocation - Pinnacle Of Bedlam
    Deathcore innovators Suffocation release Pinnacle of Bedlam. Blast beats, lightning quick guitar riffs and thunderous growls, the album delivers and then some.

    Coheed and Cambria - The Aftermath: Descension
    Progressive sci-fi rockers Coheed and Cambria release the second part to their double album The Aftermath, with The Aftermath: Descension. New instrumentation is explored and more.

    Deep Purple - Live in Paris 1975
    Deep Purples classic Live In Paris 1975 re-mastered. This is the infamous last concert that Ritchie Blackmore performed with the band.

    Steve Lukather - Transition
    Versatile and seasoned pro, Steve Lukather releases Transition with a mood filled vibe, thought provoking lyrics and strong emphasis on emotional songwriting.

    Kiss - The Casablanca Singles
    The hottest band in the world, Kiss bring fans a beautifully designed box set of their legacy with Casablanca Records, chalk full of collectables and their unforgettable classic tracks.

    Soundgarden - King Animal
    Grunge juggernauts Soundgarden are back after a 16 year hiatus with King Animal. A solid, well crafted album which loyal followers can surely appreciate the long wait.

    Dethklok - Dethalbum III
    Dethklok is back with an animated journey of roaring shred metal with Dethalbum III. The onslaught of bone-crunching Nordic riffs will surely expand their empire.

    Who Are You - An All-Star Tribute to the Who
    An all star cast of musicians from all genres of music come together to pay tribute to rock and roll legends The Who. Shot by shot remakes of the Who's best.

    Buckethead - The Silent Picture Book
    Masked marvel straight out of the chicken coup, Buckethead has released an eclectic set of songs showcasing groovy vibes and his astounding musical chops with The Silent Picture Book.

    Testament - Dark Roots of Earth
    Veteran California Thrash Metal band Testament is back harder than ever with Dark Roots of Earth. Produced by Andy Sneap with an appearance by Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler.

    Rush - Clockwork Angels
    Canadian power trio Rush has been through thick and thin over their 30 year career. With their release of Clockwork Angels, Geddy, Alex and Neil show no signs of slowing down.