Robin Trower - Roots and Branches

Published: Mar 30, 2013 Filed under: Blues & Jazz

Roots and Branches
by Robin Trower

Label: V-12 Records
Release Date: February 19, 2013

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"Roots And Branches" Is Anything But A Boring Cover Album

After "Seven Moons" and "What Lies Beneath" Robin Trower returns to his blues roots with "Roots And Branches." This album filled with covers doesn't have the "I need to crank out something quick" feel that many cover albums do, instead it offers a fresh look at classic songs.

The record opens with his down and dirty version of "Hound Dog," of Elvis fame. This sets the tone for what is to come and sounds fantastic. He then proceeds to tear through songs like "Born Under A Bad Sign," "Little Red Rooster," and "The Thrill Is Gone" without ever missing a beat. He has accomplished a lot in his long career, but this album is just him having fun.

Throughout "Roots And Branches" Trower gives a primal, dirty, raw performance that will make any blues fan fall in love. The songs feel meaty, full of body and depth, in ways that they originals might not have. These are songs that everyone and their grandmother has covered at some point in their career, but never have they been done like this.

If Robin Trower had simply turned these into blues songs the album would probably still be fantastic, but he wasn't content with that.

This is Trower's album and he makes sure you know it. The quick riffs and bends that he puts into the songs make you feel like you are sitting right there with the master. "Roots And Branches" feels like a from the heart performance, go buy it now and let Robin Trower treat you to a show!


Robin Trower - Roots and Branches - Hound Dog (Official Video)

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