Planet Waves Instrument Cables

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Planet Waves Instrument Cables

Company: Planet Waves
Release Date: 2004

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Note: from guitarhoo review archives originally dated September 24, 2004

Hear Frequencies You Never Knew Existed with Planet Waves Cables

Planet Wave Instrument Cables

Being a little skeptical we decided to check out the Planet Waves instrument cables (the PW-G-10 & PW-CGT-10).

We tested them against standard generic insert music store brand here 1/4" instrument cable.

We used a Humbucker in the bridge guitar (2 different types, an Ibanez Jem7 BSB, and a Gibson Les Paul) and plugged into a Soldano, a Marshall Jubilee and Direct into a MOTU828 MKII.

We started with the generic cable and it sounded great (mostly because we're used to this sound).

Nice definition, tones had great girth. So by this point we're thinking, the Planet Waves Cables can't be much better... well...

So, we plugged the PW-CGT-10 in (it has patented nickel plated plugs with compression springs to ensure positive connection into standard 1/4" Jacks. special coaxial design to provide extra clean signal and low capacitance, with molded connectors to provide extra protection over standard plugs.)

Again, we use the same guitars into the same amps. Only to be somewhat surprised.

It did sound better than a standard cable! It was almost as if some how an aural excited had been used! It was better than the standard cable... A lot better!

How could this be?

Next up was the PW-G-10. The single conductor cable was awesome, now would the custom series be that much better? It had Gold-plated plugs and again it had compression springs. special double-insulated/double-sheilded cable designed to eliminate hum and triboelectric noise and the cleanest signal available. These have overmolded connectors for extra protection and strain relief.

Ok, now what happened next was... well... a shock. It sounded even better! The signal was super clean (even when sitting in front of my computer monitor). There were frequencies we never knew my guitars had.

We are very impressed with these cables!

The only downside is now we have to redo our whole rig with planet waves cables (they do make that much of a difference).

So, in the end we say at least try 'em. If you are a beginner or advanced player do yourself a favor and get all the sound you can from your rig and get Planet Waves cables.

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