Otis Taylor - My World Is Gone

Published: Mar 30, 2013 Filed under: Blues & Jazz

My World is Gone
by Otis Taylor

Label: Telarc
Release Date: February 12, 2013

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"My World Is Gone" Is Here To Make You Think

Otis Taylor doesn't pull any punches when he comes out with something to really have the blues about, the plight of Native Americans. Joined by Mato Naji of Idigenous, he set out to tell a story that he saw as forgotten.

Throughout the album characters are brought to life by the baritone voice that has sung many a blues song. Being a Native American, Nanji brings another intense layer of emotion to the album.

"My World Is Gone" signals a resurgence of "conscience blues."

Lyrically, Otis can be vague, but his emotion is anything but. The baritone voice of Taylor guides you along an emotional journey that makes you feel as though your own world may, in fact, be gone. The sound is laid back, in the sorrowful way that blues albums are, but fierce.

Songs like the title track prove that, once again, Otis Taylor doesn't want to mix metaphors, throw in some humor, or waste any time with pointless hooks. He has something to say.

The mix lays the guitar back deep with the drums and the result is an almost driving force that propels his lyrics that depict a man without a place in the modern world.

In contrast to a landscape of money and women problems, Otis Taylor's "My World Is Gone" is a fine piece of thinkingman's blues. His songs will make you think, make you feel for these people, and most of all, he hopes, convince you to bring about some change.


Otis Taylor - My World Is Gone - Blue Rain In Africa (Official Video)

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