Neil Young - Psychedelic Pill

Published: Mar 30, 2013 Filed under: Country & Folk

Psychedelic Pill
by Neil Young

Label: Reprise
Release Date: October 30, 2012

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"Psychedelic Pill" Shows A Comfortable And Nostalgic Neil Young

"Psychedelic Pill" is the first album from Neil Young's Crazy Horse in over a decade. "Psychedelic Pill" contains 85 minutes of jams from Young, Billy Talbot, Frank Sampedro, and Ralph Molina. For this outing the band looked at paths they had yet to take, and plunged headfirst down the rabbit hole. The album serves to round out the band and take them to the place hey had only hinted at before.

"Psychedelic Pill" marks Neil Young's continuing movement away from his classic singer songwriter roots and into jam band territory. It also serves as his longest album to date.

In many ways the album has a jam filled, but nostalgic feel. Young recalls listening to classic songs like "Like a Rolling Stone" and The Grateful Dead on the radio. He also regrets that his generation lacked the power to effectively change the world. All of this at the same time that his autobiography was being released. The result feels like Neil Young, but a Neil Young that longs for the past, or at times a more productive one.

The music itself is what we have come to expect from Crazy Horse albums. There is plenty of sloppy noodling going on and lots of funky jams, a comfortable place for Neil to sit back and enjoy music without being the lone singer/songwriter he once was.

"Psychedelic Pill" represents a new era in the always evolving career of Neil Young. Fans of his, old and new, can appreciate the music he and his band have crafted.


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