Larry Carlton & Robben Ford - Unplugged

Published: Mar 31, 2013 Filed under: Blues & Jazz

by Larry Carlton and Robben Ford

Label: 335 Records
Release Date: March 12, 2013

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"Unplugged" Is An Honest, Raw Look At Musical Collaboration

Larry Carlton and Robben Ford have come together for a special performance. An unplugged one at that. Guitar players dream about this kind of thing and won't be disappointed by a performance that is the essence of The Blues.

Filmed at The New Morning Club in Paris, this album marks the third pairing of these two. The first, however, to be acoustic.

As with past outings the duo brings their separate musical backgrounds together for a unique performance that is uncompromising and raw.

A more than capable rhythm team of Claude Salmieri and Fifi Cheyeb provide the stage for Carlton and Ford to control. Carlton is in classic form throughout the performance. His laid back, gentle style can give way to beefier playing without breaking a sweat. Quick riffs and bluesy bends fill his performance and he never misses a beat in this uncensored recording. Ford has no trouble working with and around the genius as he lays back and lets the master work. When it comes time for him to shine he seamlessly takes the stage in moves that seem orchestrated in their unity.

The CD/DVD set of "Unplugged" is a memorial to a bygone era of collaboration. A look into what real guitar players used to do. Without overdubs, clever editing, or post processing, the performance is left the way it should be. Honest. This set is a must have for those who are a fan of pure musical talent that includes the ability to play well with others.

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