Johannes Linstead - Tales of a Gypsy

Published: Mar 29, 2013 Filed under: Classical & Flamenco

Tales of a Gypsy
by Johannes Linstead

Label: Earthscape Media
Release Date: October 22, 2012

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Passionate Guitar Mastery Fills "Tales Of A Gypsy"

On "Tales Of A Gypsy" Johannes Linstead is out to prove why he is an award winning guitarist. The album was both recorded and mixed in the Dominican Republic, which contributed to the tropical vibe that the record possesses.

The sound of the album was entirely decided by Johannes as he wrote, recorded, and mixed the album entirely on his own. The resulting sound is one that fills the listener with emotion in ways that not many guitar players can accomplish so easily.

He feels this music! There are blistering runs up and down the fretboard and ballads to be found, but you always know that he truly has emotion behind what he is playing. There is no doubting his technical ability, but he has only gotten that good in an effort to express himself, not show off. Where many guitar players come off as "try hards," Johannes Linstead finds the groove, stays in it, fills it, and make it his own.

The mix of backing band members contribute beautifully to "Tales Of A Gypsy." Violinists, congas, bongos, accordions, and more round out the Latin flavor that Johannes carefully constructed.

A wide variety of cultures are represented in the musical stylings and the recordings make them come alive. The album isn't processed to the point of digitization, it still sounds authentic.

Johannes Linstead's "Tales of a Gypsy" is perfect for the passionate music listener who enjoys being swept away on a picturesque journey of tropical islands, sun, sand, heat and moonlight. Musicians will be equally dazzled as the amount of talent that it took to create the record cannot be denied.

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