Jackson DK2 Sustainer

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DK2 Sustainer

Company: Jackson Guitars
Release Date: 2004

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Note: from guitarhoo review archives originally dated July 1, 2004

A Killer Little Guitar with Everlasting Sustain

Jackson DK2 Sustainer

Well, we had to review this guitar because of the sustainer. Being a fan of George Lynch And Steve Vai and knowing what both have said about sustainers, we had to try.

First of all the guitar is a Japanese Jackson bolt on. The one we tried was Trans Black, so its body was alder with a maple veneer (meaning a very thin slice of maple). Bolt on rock maple neck with rosewood finger board.

MOTO Shark Fin Position Inlays, Bound Fingerboard and Headstock, Duncan designed pickups in the bridge and middle positions, and a SustainiacĀ® Driver/Pickup in the neck. JT580 LP Double Locking 2-Point Tremolo (most likely made by Gotoh or Takeuchi).

The Controls are pretty straight forward: 5 way toggle, master tone, master volume and intensity control for the sustainer, also an on/off and mode mini toggle switches.

We tried the guitar through a Mesa Rectoverb combo. The bridge pick up was ballsy and defined. It performed great under extreme gain and the bridge and middle combo sounded pretty stratty for clean passages. The neck pick/driver also had some good Texas Blues flavour (well no more than a mexi strat).

Next we tried the the sustainer. When its engaged the neck pickup is in active. We were able to get harmonics to ring for days, it also seemed it was real easy to get the EDGE's type ebow tricks. chords rrrraaaanngggg out .. it was a bit weird at first but in no time you figure out how to mute out the unused strings. It's funny to activate the sustainer when its unplugged. It still works, just be careful because the battery runs out pretty fast, well in a few hours if you have it on the whole time your playing, that is (but who would really do that?)

All in all for under a $900.- the Jackson DK2s is a killer little guitar and a cool new sound source for guys into Frippertronic/David Torn/the Edge type of stuff.

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