David Bowie - The Next Day

Published: Mar 31, 2013 Filed under: Rock & Heavy Metal

The Next Day
by David Bowie

Label: Columbia
Release Date: March 12, 2013

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David Bowie's Attempt To Return To The Past

The man who refuses to release new music until he has something to say has once again opened his mouth. David Bowie has released "The Next Day" and the ten year wait is paying off. This is the man who brought us "Major Tom," he's not afraid to make music the way he wants, when he wants. This can pay off in a big way for many people, but Bowie falls just short with this venture.

No one knew quite what to expect when he announced the album's release, and listening to it now, it's still hard to understand. The classic David Bowie uptempo rock songs are all here and at first take it seems that he might have aged a little much for this. Once you look closer, however, you find that war, murder, death, and the spirit world are all lurking just under the surface.

As you would hope from a Bowie album, "The Next Day," doesn't fit any kind of formula. The sound is all over the place, which you want from him. Unfortunately, it comes off at times as feeling like an impression of old David Bowie records. Tight production doesn't do much to hide the staleness of the music that lies beneath his brooding lyrics.

David Bowie is a lot of things in addition to being a musician. "The Next Day" feels like he got a couple of those hats confused. His lyrical ability is at its best on the album, but the music itself leaves something to be desired.


David Bowie - The Next Day - Where Are We Now (Official Video)

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