Bobby Rush - Down In Louisiana

Published: Mar 30, 2013 Filed under: Blues & Jazz

Down In Louisiana
by Bobby Rush

Label: Deep Rush Visuals
Release Date: February 19, 2013

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Bobby Rush Keeps Fighting Them Blues

Bobby Rush is one of the original blues men. A fifty year career that started on the "Chitlin' Circuit" has been kept alive by a string of blues releases, the most recent of which is "Down In Louisiana."The album is a treasure of stripped down, classic Louisiana blues.

"Down In Louisiana" was produced by Rush's keyboard player Paul Brown. His ability to get such a full sound out of a stripped down performance like this is commendable. This is Down South blues at its finest.

As far as lyrics, there isn't much to surprise anyone. What makes Mr Rush so ingenious with these topics is his ability to blend musical styles that seem to fit the content perfectly. In "You Just Like A Dresser" funky bass lines tell you what he's really thinking about the women he's singing about. "Rock This House" has an appropriately rocking backing band. "What Is The Blues" practically smells like the Bayou.

This isn't about just picking the right chords either. He blends styles in a way that is rarely done properly. There is no real way to tell when a funk section starts, or a rock section begins.

If you listen to the blues long enough you see that many players are rehashing old topics.

Bobby Rush's music is all about keeping on down the road, but keeping reality in mind. Buy this album now if you are in need of someone who understands, someone to uplift you, or you just want to remember the good times down South.

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