Blackmore's Night - A Knight in York

Published: Mar 29, 2013 Filed under: Country & Folk

A Knight in York
by Blackmore's Night

Label: UDR
Release Date: October 9, 2012

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Ritchie Blackmore Strikes Gold Again With "A Knight In York"

"A Knight In York" gives us the famed Ritchie Blackmore's new band in all of their modern glory. From Deep Purple he has completed the transformation into folk rocker.

The sound of the record gives you a complete live experience. The instruments and audience noises were mixed in a way that give you an obviously live record, but one that feels polished and clear.

Blackmore's Knight learned a thing or two about engaging audiences during their time on the Renaissance fair circuit and it shines through on the record. Their usual choice of castle performances has only emboldened their commitment to their music style.

The fourteen songs take a little over an hour to complete and they take you on a medieval journey that soars as much as it soothes. There is certainly no shortage of guitar solos from Blackmore, but there are also plenty of moments to swoon you into a medieval slumber. The constant through the album is the perfection of Candice Night's voice and the very talented band Blackmore has assembled.

"A Knight In York" is a documentation of a band that has gained a reputation for the folk music, though they came from various backgrounds. They are not afraid to cover the BEE GEES or throw in a Lady Gaga sketch if they feel the need to. Fans of folk music, renaissance fairs, fantasy novels, or Deep Purple can find something they all agree with on this live record.


"Fires At Midnight" by Blackmore's Night from the album, A Knight in York

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