Amplitube Live and Amplitube LE

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Amplitube Live and Amplitube LE

Company: IK Multimedia
Release Date: 2004

Rating (out of 5):

Note: from guitarhoo review archives originally dated January 9, 2005

Flexible and Realistic - A Snappy Bit of Kit!

IK Mukltimedia Amplitube Live and Amplitube LE

Being old school, and not really a digital guitar amp crew (tubes all the way). we decided to try IK Multimedia's AmpliTube. We were figuring it would be kinda lame and not sound like a real amp. Well lets just say "an old dawg was taught a new trick".

Available as both a stand alone and as a plug-in for PC and Mac and compatible with most leading recording software packages. We liked the fact that you can choose the type of pre amp with power amp emulated. You can create a whole new tone that is completely yours!

It is usable as a VST, audio unit, DX, MAS, RTAS and HTDM plug in. We used it with Cubase SX2 on a Mac G4 Ibook with a MOTU 828 MKII. There was very little latency.

The minimum system requirements:

Mac OS:
Power Mac G4
Mac OS9.2.
512MB Ram

Mac OSX:
Power Mac G4 or G5
Mac OS10.2.
512 MB Ram

Pentium III or IV
Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/XP
512 MB Ram

Any audio app thats supports Audio Unit. DX, RTAS, MAS, HTDM, OR VST plug-ins.

When you first open it up it even looks like an amp head. It models stomp Boxes and also reverb and delays. In the post section it has stereo reverb and delay and a three band parametric EQ.

AmpliTube allows for the modeling of over 1000 amp models.

So, we finally plugged in and was greeted by what sounded like a Marshall... to be exact, my Marshall (ok, I messed with it a bit). We remember using other amp modelers in the past and... they, well... kinda sucked unless it was a clean tone that you wanted.

It appears that IK Multimedia actually listened to guitar players! Gone was the harsh over the top treble that makes distortion sound brittle. We really like the ability to model mics on the cab. Dynamic mic yielded a SM 58 type sound whereas condenser provided a Neumann type flavor.

The reverb sounded pretty lush and enjoyable. The stomp boxes were very flex-able. I was able to get some pretty twisted sounds. My only beef was the order of the stomp boxes and that can not be changed. Other than that it's pretty cool and affordable.

It would be nice to see the stomp thing fixed and a pedal for controlling the wah and changing patches.

All in All its a pretty snappy bit of kit!!!

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