Ray Obiedo&Mistura Fina feat, Sandy Cressman @ ArtHouse 2_18_11.m4v by Ray Obiedo

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Vic Owens here at Digisonic ... This is one song of many that evening at the Art House Gallery in Berkeley, CA. I believe this room holds great promise in doing a more detailed tracking in the near future. I did this capture in two stages. The image capture was done via the Canon 5D, the Audio was captured via a pair of 30 year old Sure SM81s in a "X" pattern. I used the MOTU Travler as the I/O, DP 7 for the Edits&EQ. The lighting for the most part was provided by the venue, still I set up one light w/umbrella bouncing off a white wall mot to far in front of stage left. As time permits, I shall be posting more from, this evening's s performance. Thanks for viewing. Vic

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Video Details

Artist: Ray Obiedo
Video title: Ray Obiedo&Mistura Fina feat, Sandy Cressman @ ArtHouse 2_18_11.m4v
Category: Jazz & Fusion

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