Pete Townshend - Eminence Front by Pete Townshend

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From Pete Townshend's 2001 compilation Scoop 3. Pete: "Recorded in Aug Sept 1995 in The Cube home studio. I had a single stereo mike setup, and recorded this in a single past. But I was using my Yamaha piano that sends MIDI. This was sent to a KORG Rhythm 'accompanist'. This provided the cocktail bar drums bass and acoustic guitar part in the mid-back- ground. I was preparing at this time for a solo appearance at The Paramount Theatre at Madison Square Garden in New York as part of a benefit by and for Paul Simon and his charity The Children's Health Fund on Sept 10 1995. Agreeing to appear, I picked up a guitar and realised that since the middle1992 I had probably spent more time home playing piano than guitar (I was recovering from a serious wrist accident and keyboard practice was more useful physiotherapy). So it seamed to me I should play piano in public for the first time. On this occasion the Wynton Marsalis orchestra, some of the best jazz musicians on the planet, were in attendance. I was nervous. But I did well. This demo was to help me get idea of how I might sound on the night." Copyright belongs to Eel Pie Recording Producions Limited.

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Artist: Pete Townshend
Video title: Pete Townshend - Eminence Front
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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