i waNna b Pete Townshend by Pete Townshend

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www.facebook.com/koehlermusic I Wanna B Pete Townshend I wanna ba member of the WHO Not just a session guy who plays on a song or two I wanna b Pete Townshend it would be so fuckin cool I wanna b Pete Townshend I wanna b the leader of the band I wanna play at sonic volume all throughout the land I wanna b Pete Townshend cuz he's the fuckin man I wanna b Pete Townshend I could break out my acoustic for some solo shows I might re-think the whole damn super bowl Then there's that line about growin old Aint that too fuckin cool I think that it would be neat to b Pete Although he might not think so...cuz Pete would then b me To be Pete fuckin Townshend would be really sweet I wanna be Pete Townshend I wanna Be Pete Townshend Copyright koehler 2012 My humble apologies if this offends u Mr. Townshend

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Artist: Pete Townshend
Video title: i waNna b Pete Townshend
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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