First Circle - Pat Metheny - Cover by Giulio Carmassi by Pat Metheny

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Music by Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays. Entirely performed, shot and engineered by Giulio Carmassi It was bound to happen. Pat Metheny, and of course his genius long time partner in crime Lyle Mays, have been most likely my biggest musical influence growing up. I immediately thought about covering some of his tunes when i started doing the one man band videos, but being that guitar has always been my weakest point, i always postponed. Another factor is that 99% of the time, i just really like the original versions, and hardly do i feel like i'd add much. But a series of coincidences led me back to this song. And i decided to learn guitar a bit better. So this past month I just picked up, from scratch essentially, the fingerpicking style for this intro. (and it's SO hard for me! :) ) It's still not 100% of course, but I had a ton of fun in the making, and I'm really happy that i got to learn this seemingly melodic but widely complicated piece. I hope some of you will enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by! I had to sell my beloved canon 50mm 1.2 lens, for rent. So I'm left with 1.4. This video was all shot with the 5d mark II and the 50mm f/1.4. Mostly recorded with my "go to" signal chain these days: UA 610 solo, and Mohog MoFET 76 compressor. The mic you see everywhere is the almighty Shure ksm32. Recored and mixed in protools 10, and edited in final cut 5. The cymbals are 50's and 60's old A Zyldjian's. Drums are 60's ludwig. saxes are Yani's. Trumpets are LA OLDS. special and...

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Artist: Pat Metheny
Video title: First Circle - Pat Metheny - Cover by Giulio Carmassi
Category: Jazz & Fusion

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