Annachie Gordon - Nic Jones (cover-in-progress) by Nic Jones

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A very rough attempt at Nic Jones version of Annachie Gordon (Child's #239) - a song about forced marriage. It's quite confusing as the song includes Jeannie, Jeannie's father, the narrator, Lord Saltoun, Jeannie's hand-maidens and finally Annachie Gordon (or Auchanachie) so listen carefully. Typical British Isles traditional song, probably compiled by Nic Jones from various sources. Unlike a lot of song there are no drownings, stabbings, magical contests, disappearances or other acts of violent bloodshed apart from the father who seems very insistant about getting his daughter set up with someone, she's not interested in. Only two deaths - so really rather disappointing. If Inspector Barnaby had been involved there would have been many more unfortunate demises. The guitar, thanks to information gleaned from Mudcat Cafe, where there are several interesting discussions about the song, is tuned to a Bb modal tuning (one step down from CGCGCD). It's very much work-in-progress and contains the reglementary number of botched runs, stumbled lyrics and off-key notes. Having said that, maybe someone might enjoy it. No tab available, worked out by ear.

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Video Details

Artist: Nic Jones
Video title: Annachie Gordon - Nic Jones (cover-in-progress)
Category: Country & Folk

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