Weiss, GIGA (Sonata CS 2) - Narciso Yepes, Ten String Guitar [ classical guitar ] by Narciso Yepes

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About the 10-string guitar as designed by Yepes: www.tenstringguitar.INFO Standard tuning of the modern 10-string guitar (afinación estándar de la guitarra 10 cuerdas) 7=C2 [lowest string / la más baja] 8=A#2 / Bb2 9=G#2 / Ab2 10=F#2 / Gb2 *** Narciso Yepes performs the GIGA from Sonata 2 by Silvius Leopold Weiss. For his transcription, Yepes has lowered the the tuning of his 10-string guitar's 7th string from the standardC2 to B1. The work has been realized from the lute tablature in E major, not in D major. This "transposition" is both appropriate and historically informed, as: 1) transposition was a performance practice of the baroque period (as exemplified in various works by JS Bach and other baroque composers); 2) pitch was not standardized during the baroque period and actual pitches varied significantly both lower and higher than a'=440, making a moot point of the (historically uninformed) concept of the "original key"; 3) lutes may have been nominally considered tuned to a D minor triad, but this didnot imply what we today think of as an actual pitch (lutes moreover came in various sizes and scale lengths, not all tuned to the same actual pitches); 4) vital elements of the baroque lute style that cannot be subducted or omitted in a good performance, including campanella effects (or overlappingsonorities) and certain stylized graces and dissonances as well as idiomatic uses of slurs and open strings cannot be translated to the guitar in the "original" key. In...

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Artist: Narciso Yepes
Video title: Weiss, GIGA (Sonata CS 2) - Narciso Yepes, Ten String Guitar [ classical guitar ]
Category: Classical

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