Narciso Yepes speaks on Forbidden Games Romance by Narciso Yepes

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In a radio interview (Spanish with English subtitles) from 1982, maestro Narciso Yepes explains how he composed the Forbidden Games Romance, aka Romance anonimo, Jeux Interdits, Romance de Amor... This post should help settle the debate so that credit can go where credit is due. The following is a partial list of current pretenders of authorship, excerpted from Classicl Guitar Forum: A search of ASCAP (authors' society) for the title term "Romance" turns up 927 results, among which are these writer's credits: "Romance": Jack Marshall (Chris Parkening arrangement) "Romance Anonimo": Carlos Arturo Himmer Perez Narciso Barroso Vilanova Roberto Millar Jose Aquil Rodriguez George Kroy JJ Auriol Ramon Campos Antoine Contreras Santiago Lorente Correoso "Romance D Amour": John Charles Fiddy Gerhard Narholz Kevin James Peek "Romance D'Espangne": (sic) Alfred Paul Harz "Romance de Amor": Oswaldo Bezerra Odorico Goes Humberto Lage Antonio Rovira Juan Maglio Joseph P De Blasi Charo Rasten (the guitarist Charo??) David Mark Baldwin Vicente Gomez Abe Tuvin (in same credits with Vicente Gomez, probably for orchestration or lyrics) "Romance Espagnole" Ward Lamar Swingle (of the Swingle Singers?) "Romance Espanola" Ralph Paulsen "Romance for Guitar" Arunabha Shana Mark Louis Francis "Romance Guitar Plus" Russ M Landau "Romance Pour Guitare" Andrew Richard Feriante "Romanze" Trevor Duncan Willy Burkhard

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Artist: Narciso Yepes
Video title: Narciso Yepes speaks on Forbidden Games Romance
Category: Classical

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