Alastis-The Psychopath&Schizophrenia (Mental Suicide) by Michael Locher

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Black Metal Band From Sion, Valais Switzerland Album: And Death Smiled 1995 Lyrical themes:Agony, Beliefs, Satan Alastis are a Black Metal band formed in 1989 in Sion, Switzerland. Much like country-mates Samael, Gothic and Industrial musical elements played an important role in their sound during their later career, starting as a Rawer Black Metal sound before signing to Century Media records. Coincidentally, Samael's current vocalist/guitarist Vorph did vocals on the 1990 demo "Black Wedding" and Masmiseim (Christophe Mermod) played bass for the group before joining Samael in 1992. Former Alastis drummer Acronoise (b. Laurent Mermod) is also Masmiseim's brother. They have had a successful, well-raved discography over their thirty one year career Lyrics The evil flower`s born in my spirit And from my mist up conscience I won`t listen to anythink more. I walk in the night, desperate Guiled by the death I`m spreading! A life without sun, a sorrow without tears Victim of my victims, forgot by myself I don`t understand more... Will I knew how to overcome my anxieties? Guiled by the death I`m spreading! Guiled by the death I`m free, eternal Guiled by the death I`m spreading! No more love, no more hate I`m only master, onlyy god I owen`t somebody anything I`m born to kill, born to be free No more slaves, no more rights Alone with my despair Alone in front of my destiny I`m born to kill, born to be free think of death as if it`s near Plan my future as if it`s doesn`t exist I`d...

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Artist: Michael Locher
Video title: Alastis-The Psychopath&Schizophrenia (Mental Suicide)
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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