Marmalade Time by Mark Kimbrell

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Original song by Gemini, 1974 remake by Larry Hollister in 2009 Mark Kimbrell: lyrics; Larry Hollister keyboards; Jim Hayhurst:guitar and vocals; Kenny Dworkin drums. Chords by Jim Hayhurst and Larry Hollister . Lyrics: Let her flutter in the wind And scatter shadows in the sun Every day is like a year Your marmalade time has come Have you noticed you're not alone? Everyone has come together Have you noticed that every place Is just like every other? Have you noticed my wisp of a face? You've never seen it before I am slight and you've not noticed No, you've never seen my face before (Solo) Now your marmalade time is over But it will linger for a while You're not so old any more Nor are you a child Have you noticed that I am gone? How many more people are we? I'll see you next time around Your marmalade time was me. (Solo) I'll see you next time around Your marmalade time was me.

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Video Details

Artist: Mark Kimbrell
Video title: Marmalade Time
Category: Jazz & Fusion

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