Jeri's And Nina's Melody [Johi2410] by Luther Perkins

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This is my contribution to GinMillBill's Johnny Horton week! It's a Luther Perkins/ Johnny Cash - instrumental though. Let me explain how much this song has to do with Johnny Horton: Cash and Horton were very, very good friends. They shared their passion for fishing, hunting and music. They made a promise to each other: In case one of them would die, the other one would take care of his family, that's what their "oath" was. So when Johnny Horton sadly passed away in an automobile accident in 1960, Cash kept the promise and looked after Horton's widow Billie Jean, and their two girls: Jeri and Nina. They also recorded this instrumental and all the rewards were given to the Horton family. So now you can see how much "the singing Fisherman" Johnny Horton meant to Johnny Cash - this is Horton's tune, and it means a lot to me, too. Originally played by Luther Perkins and Johnny Western on guitar, WS Holland on drums, Marshall Grant on bass, Johnny Cash on rhythm guitar and Floyd Cramer on the piano. What a remarkable melody. RIP, Johnny&Johnny, and Luther.

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Artist: Luther Perkins
Video title: Jeri's And Nina's Melody [Johi2410]
Category: Country & Folk

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