Lush Guitar Looper on TV Theme by Liona Boyd

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This joyful little song is featured on the Nightly News Report on PBS towards the end, where they show local stocks. Had fun with it on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Two loops with overdubs, all live. Equipment: Boss RC-50 Loop Stations and an cheap Boss RP 70 guitar processor. (Amazing what you can get for $70!) Taylor 914 with Fishman Ellipse pickup. I had worked on the song a couple of hours, and put Super Glue on my fingertips cuz I was getting sore. I'm glad I nailed the song in the first take. If anyone cares, the first loop is (G - G/B - G/C - D), and the second loop is (C - D - Am2, and C - D - Am2 - D). Now you can play like Phil Keaggy maybe! This song was written by Liona Boyd at

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Artist: Liona Boyd
Video title: Lush Guitar Looper on TV Theme
Category: Flamenco

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