Liona Boyd, guitar - Estudio in E&Adelita (by Francisco Tarrega) by Liona Boyd

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Fresh morning dew, still dripping from the rose, the blue birds sing their wishful, songs of hopes. My garden has still breath - it alone knows, the secrets that are bound with grassy ropes. Pure love is endless the birds sing of truth, sweet blossoms bow so humbly, to their voice. They rest in old age and then dance in youth, blameless and pure of heart - they all rejoice. They're out of sight - hidden - like precious gems, the rainbows do yield, while all time transcends. The roses stand tall on their thorny stems, as giving thanks, to their fair feathered friends. My secret garden cast your spell in mist. Mark down your truths on an unending list. Secret Garden (Shakesperean Sonnet) by DOVE *************************************************** Liona Boyd, guitar (2004) Two excerpts from Francisco Tarrega (1852 - 1909) - "Estudio in E" (arranged by Liona Boyd - "Adelita" From the album "PASSPORT TO SERENITY", Moston Records Also known as "The First Lady of the Guitar." In 1981, she was made a Member of the Order of Canada. Boyd was born in London, England, but at age eight her family moved to Canada. At age thirteen she asked her parents for a guitar as a Christmas present. After hearing a concert by the great English guitarist Julian Bream, Boyd was determined to master the instrument. While still a teenager she took private lessons with Eli Kassner, Narciso Yepes, Alirio Diaz, Julian Bream, and Andrés Segovia. Boyd completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music...

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Artist: Liona Boyd
Video title: Liona Boyd, guitar - Estudio in E&Adelita (by Francisco Tarrega)
Category: Flamenco

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