Lightnin' Hopkins - Rare Performances 1960-1979 (Part 3) by Lightnin' Hopkins

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Description Link to Lightnin Hopkins documentary/bio video: Review: Lightnin Hopkins is generally considered the last true giant to have appeared on the acoustic blues scene.This video bears out that reputation, though even in the earliest cuts he is clearly happier when his acoustic guitar is plugged into an amp and can give him some extra sustain. Showing him in 1960, 67, 70 and 79, and mixing live concert footage with quiet filming sessions for the University of Washington, the video tracks Hopkins through the glory days of his discovery by a young, white audience. The concert bits are a particular treat for those who never saw Hopkins live, giving a taste of his engaging stage style. He introduces songs with autobiographical stories or wry throw-away lines, and charms the crowd with an array of low-key guitar tricks, reaching his right hand over his left to hit a string, or pointing with his left as his right plucks open notes. Hopkins was only 48 in 1960 and, unlike older bluesmen who seemed out of place in their new-found glory, he took it all in stride. He wears nice suits or V-neck sweaters, a high pompadour or a sharp cap or fedora. In the final segment, he is playing a Stratocaster with a wah-wah pedal, though the music is barely hanged from his acoustic style. (Unfortunately, the rhythm section that backs him on these tracks only drags him down.) Many Hopkins favorites are here, from his driving reworking of the old-time Take Me Back to a...

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Artist: Lightnin' Hopkins
Video title: Lightnin' Hopkins - Rare Performances 1960-1979 (Part 3)
Category: Blues & Funk

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