Post The Clash&Public Image Ltd Keith Levene's Release Aztek Dubo by Keith Levene

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Description KEITH LEVENE is a gifted individual who has always been captivated by the array of possibilities life offers. He can focus simultaneously on vastly varied subjects from applied mathematics, video games, and is a true technocrat as well as a truly amazing creator of music who takes immense pleasure in the music of others. Keiths taste in music is catholic, embracing the entire spectrum. As a toddler, his mother was concerned because her son would stare at records as they went round and round on the turntable. As a teenager, Keith spent eight hours a day practicing guitar. When he formed the Clash with Mick Jones he was so proficient as to be a formidable band-mate. Later, in PiL, he and John [Rotten] Lydon created a marriage between guitar and poetry that has never been reproduced. Tracks such as Theme showcase Keiths innovative expertise. In 2002, with his release of Killer in the Crowd, his direction is clear. He did not disappear or stop making music. In fact, he is now a wicked singer and bassist as well. Keith also plays piano and has two cellists he wants to work with in the near future. New songs flow out of him like a river concurrent with ideas that are more suited to Bell Labs than EMI. Though the business of music has become truly inept and silly, Keith, while pursuing a number of other interests, has tended to write, perform and produce tracks hes enthusiastic about releasing. Still, he considers Commercial Zone an unfinished project. This...

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Artist: Keith Levene
Video title: Post The Clash&Public Image Ltd Keith Levene's Release Aztek Dubo
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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