Ganesh Del Vescovo Advaita Ananda 1° parte by Kazuhito Yamashita

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MAIL A short profile of Ganesh Del Vescovo The Italian guitarist and composer Ganesh Del Vescovo, today considered a virtuoso of the classical guitar, began his guitar studies as a self-taught musician. He studied with Alvaro Company at the Florence Conservatory, graduating with full grades, cum laude and honourable mention for his extraordinary skill in portraying the character and mood of the pieces performed. Straight from the start Del Vescovos activity as a composer developed at the same pace as the study of the instrument itself. While experimenting new guitar techniques, he developed a very personal musical concept partly inspired by his meeting with Indian classical music and musicians. Rather than using the more formal aspects of this tradition, he freely draws inspiration from the aesthetic experience, the spirit and the strength of expression of this musical world. His approach to composition, which has developed through the exploration of sounds, rhythms and timbres which carry the musician and the listener to particular inner moods and atmospheres, led to the need to modify the classical guitar. Two new instruments were thus created: the Chikari Guitar and the Sarod Guitar, which use a flexible drone and allow free use of glissé techniques and a very deep non-tempered sound effect. He also plays the sarod and the tabla, and has composed original pieces for both. Publications of his music include: with Sinfonica Nuova Carisch, Studi...

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Artist: Kazuhito Yamashita
Video title: Ganesh Del Vescovo Advaita Ananda 1° parte
Category: Classical

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