Gao Qi&Chaozai Overload Chinese Rock Song Metal Power Pop高旗與超載樂隊出發 by Kaiser Kuo

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Hard Melodic Mandopop This song is called "出發" (Getting Out), and is a great example of an Overload piece that balances the band's intense epic metal speed and melodious thrash roots, and their foray into popular media friendly entertainment culture. Metal fans in China know the Overload monsterpiece from the early 1990's called "祖先的陰影" (Shadows of the Ancestors); American rocker dude and expat Kaiser Kuo living in Beijing had published an article describing it as the Ultimate Chinese Metal Song; of course, there are a variety of melodious epic metal rock songs from China that can qualify for such a title. The song presented here in this video is definitely suitable for rock music consumers with less extreme tastes; but still very tasty! Li Yanliang can really make his axe sing! Wang Lan is a great drummer of course (you cn see him do a little poseur move in this video), and bassist Ouyang, who's also a talented DJ, is the soon to be the father of his second child at the time this performance was captured. I'm uploading this video here on the 14th of March, which on this day in 1941, China's top ace fighter pilot, Captain Wong Sun-shui (aka Huang Xinyue?), an American-born Chinese who earned his flying license in Los Angeles, was fighting against what was the world's most advanced fighter aircraft at the time: the aircraft carrier capable A6M "Zero". Captain Wong and a dozen other fighter pilots of the Chinese Nationalist Air Force pitted their obsolete I-153...

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Artist: Kaiser Kuo
Video title: Gao Qi&Chaozai Overload Chinese Rock Song Metal Power Pop高旗與超載樂隊出發
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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