John Martyn in Concert at Henry Afrikas, York Street, Glasgow - 10th Nov 1983 by John Martyn

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The whole Concert - Sit Back and Enjoy♪┏(・o・)┛♪ John plays a home gig for a great crowd at Henry Afrikas, York Street, Glasgow. Doors opened 9th Nov 1983 gig starts at 8/10min past midnight on Thursday 10th Nov 1983 with radio presenter introduction - 'Out there in radio land...' 01. Big Muff [8:06] 02. Root Love [4:46] 03.Sweet Little Mystery [5:55] 04. Bless The Weather [5:07] - Rock tempo 05. Couldn't Love You More [6:15] - Electric 06. Could've Been Me [4:07] 07. One World [5:34] 08. Lookin' On [5:54] 09. Hiss On The Tape [3:15] - {shortened edit due to cassette turning over} 10. Johnny Too Bad [10:32] - Band introduction (interrupted by one o' clock news, unbafukinlevable, who was the producer? Stupid Twat!!) 11. Dealer [3:24] - leads straight in to next song 12. Outside In [10:28] - Encore -- 'Some more' 13. Smiling Stranger [5:06] 14. Small Hours/ Anna [9:22] - Gig Ends. More encore, radio presenter to fade out. John Martyn (Guitar&Vocals) Alan Thomson (Bass&Synthesiser) Jeff Allen (Drums) ***NB ***Anomalies*** Hiss On The Tape: The original C90 cassette has a turnover point, edit at 20/21sec into the song Johnny Too Bad: Interrupted at 1am by news, edit at 2min 55sec. Unbafukinlevable, who was the radio producer? Silly Twat!! Interesting bits: Could've Been Me: Listen to the beginning of this song you will hear someone shouting "DON'T PLAY THAT". The man who shouted 'DON'T PLAY THAT' was sitting in front of me at the gig, he stood up out of his chair...

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Artist: John Martyn
Video title: John Martyn in Concert at Henry Afrikas, York Street, Glasgow - 10th Nov 1983
Category: Country & Folk

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