Rose O'Brien, Jimmy Page / Led Zeppelin's "Black Mountain Side" (Live Recording) by Jimmy Page

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Rose O'Brien's guitarist plays a long, slow version of "Black Mountain Side," from the first Led Zeppelin album. Recorded in Chico, CA, August 2012. For more of our videos, visit As guitar nerds know, Jimmy Page took the "Black Mountain Side" riffs from Bert Jansch's version of the Irish ballad "Blackwaterside" (on his Jack Orion album). Jansch played in dropped D tuning (DADGBE) while Page used DADGAD, as Rose O'Brien's guitarist does here. (The tab for both is on the web.) We made this recording by pointing vocal mics at our guitarist's Taylor 414 and also sending a signal from the Taylor's Expression System through a Baggs Para DI and Zoom A2 into our board, a Phonic Powerpod 620. Lines from the PowerPod's tape outputs ran into a Zoom H4n, which was set to four-channel mode so we could use its mics. The resulting tracks were edited in GarageBand. The images come from "VJ Clips For Psychedelic Videos," part of the Community Video collection on We edited the video using iMovie.

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Artist: Jimmy Page
Video title: Rose O'Brien, Jimmy Page / Led Zeppelin's "Black Mountain Side" (Live Recording)
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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