Jimmy Herring Scapegoat Blues Guitar Lesson Part 3 of 4 by Jimmy Herring

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www.guitarBreakdown.com Jimmy Herring scapegoat blues half whole step diminished thingy Here's an amazing Jimmy Herring song off of the Lifeboat cd. In this lesson Carl breaks down the end of the solo. He also expands on the ideas used in this solo and talks about the shuffle picking technique and introduces the half whole diminished scale. This is a scale Jimmy Herring uses often, it's a great sound that adds some tension to any solo especially when mixed with the standard blues scale. This is the first of many lessons by Carl Culpepper. Check out more about Carl and his playing at his website ... www.carlculpepper.com Besides Carl's amazing technical mastery of the guitar ... he has also been transcribing music for years. He has transcribed various artists such as ... Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore, Joe Satriani, Gary Moore for Hal Leonard, Cherry Lane, Mel Bay and other guitar magazines. Carl has also published his own Technique book ... "Terrifying Technique for Guitar" thru Hal Leonard Publication ... and continues to be one of the main guitar instructors at AIM (Atlanta Institute of Music). He also released his first solo CD ... "Amplitude". All of Carl's goodies can be found on his website. And if that wasn't enough ... you can catch Carl rippin faces off with his band Mad Margritt. To hear Jimmy Herring play scapegoat blues himself check out the following link ... http At about 3:00 in he plays this portion of the solo. Hope you enjoy. Again ... help us out by letting us...

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Artist: Jimmy Herring
Video title: Jimmy Herring Scapegoat Blues Guitar Lesson Part 3 of 4
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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