Battle of New Baghdad - by the Remington Riders by Jerry Miller

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"Battle of New Baghdad" - to the tune of "Battle of New Orleans" - written by Jan Lewis, performed by Jan Lewis&Jerry Miller - as featured on Neil Young's Living With War website. This tune features Jerry's "Mesopotamian Lick." He has been saving this lick for nearly forty years, waiting for the right tune. This was the right tune! CREDITS: Jan Lewis: lead vocal Jerry Miller: telecaster Robert Berry: banjo, bass, drums, backing vocals, engineering Thom Duell: baritone backing vocal; engineering Tony Hall: video Ben Burma: environment manager Battle of New Baghdad copyright© Jan Lewis 2002-2003, 2007 In 2K2 politicians made a pact To send us up the Tigris to the center of Iraq. We took our gas masks, Cipro and vaccine, And we went to find their weapons, if you know just what I mean. We found their bombs hidden in their population, In their hospitals and homes, in their schools and in their mosques. If we just win without killing their civilians, We will feed them all on caviar, on bagels, cheese and lox. Well we ran past the Kurds and we ran past the Shiites And we ransacked the palace where inspectors couldn't go. We found so much that the whole world trembledFrom the shores of Indonesia to the Gulf of Mexico. While the world stood waiting for the apocalypse We are holed up here in Baghdad drinking beer and eating chips. We found a factory making baby milk, But the powder looked like anthrax so we bombed it straight to... Well, we... ...found their bombs hidden in...

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Artist: Jerry Miller
Video title: Battle of New Baghdad - by the Remington Riders
Category: Blues & Funk

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