L Marshall - 'The Wait' [Official Video] by Jack Marshall

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The Wait EP featuring Sincere and Sneakbo is OUT NOW itunes.apple.com Check out The Wait Pt 2 here: www.youtube.com FROM THE DEBUT MIXTAPE 'THE WAIT' FREE DOWNLOAD NOW FROM www.facebook.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com iTunes- itunes.apple.com Official Site: lmarshallmusic.com Vevo: www.vevo.com (VERSE 1) Iʼm sick and tired of the wait, these people make me laugh. So I had to set them straight just as soon as I finished class. ʻCause I donʼt know my place, and I have no regard, this industryʼs about to shatter like its motherfucking glass! Bitch Iʼm fashionably late, but I hit the ground runninʼ!&Iʼm just doinʼ me but catch me if you can buddy... Write like the Mad Hatter. Swag like a Jack Hammer. And Iʼm flying to the top so you can keep your damn ladder;&I very rarely show off,ʻcause I naturally go hard; keep my shit simple: ʻ.5ʼ or a mohawk. And I donʼt feel bad for these chicks I have to regularly blow off, ʻcause Iʼll probably see them later, for some legendary blowjobs! And Iʼm extremely Bogart... Oh gosh look at my life I swear its like EVERYBODY wants a pieceof EVERYTHING I write. Shit talkers, shove that shit youʼre talking right back up your colon; bend over, kiss your own ass; I swear youʼre nearly there but anyway did anybody even tell my friends that I was leaving? I cannot remember when it was last that I seen ʻem. Iʼm who they believe in, but thatʼs more of a reason for me to keep on walking and Iʼll call ʻem when Iʼm balling! I...

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Artist: Jack Marshall
Video title: L Marshall - 'The Wait' [Official Video]
Category: Jazz & Fusion

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