Mitch Holder on Howard Roberts• Wildwood Guitars Story by Howard Roberts

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Site: Mitch Holder: Join us for another fun and hilarious story from Mitch's past! This one's about one particular session date, and the pressure of being told to sound like a player sitting feet away! ~ Mitch Holder ~ The challenge in talking about Mitch is limiting his biography. We could write forever about his guy. Not only is he an amazing musician, but he's one of the kindest people you would ever meet. As a big-named session player throughout the past few decades, Mitch has played on everything from jingles, movies, television themes, artist tracks, to performing in the Tonight Show band for a good many years. A few of his recordings include tracks from such legends as Frank Sinatra, Barbera Striesand, Johnny Mathis, Dianna Ross, and numerous other. A few movies he has performed on are Saturday Night Fever, Mrs. Doubtfire, Grease, and Tootsie. Mitch Holder--the most humble of legends amongst men.

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Artist: Howard Roberts
Video title: Mitch Holder on Howard Roberts• Wildwood Guitars Story
Category: Jazz & Fusion

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