Mini MCR - " The Sharpest Lives" by Gerard Cousins

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Please Read!!! Me and the kids (not my kids but my little cousins and my little brother (mikey)) love My Chemical Romance and decided this would be something fun to do. I hope you enjoy! Oh and everyone be sure to watch my other mini mcr video (more will be coming eventually)! Oh and Im sure youve noticed that we are missing one guitarist, one of the kids wasnt there (my brothers friend wanted to be in the video, he is in my other Mini MCR vid though) we dubbed frankie "fray" to make up for the shortage. *This next bit is for all of those leaving rude comments...If you dont like it, i dont care. Please keep in mind that these kids read the comments. I think its really sad that some people have to put down little kids to make themselves feel better or whatever. We were all just playin around and its not like these kids wear this stuff all the time and act all "emo" or whatever you feel the need to label it. I didnt force this music on them (they hang out with me and and they like my music) and it was their idea to do the video. Just chill out!

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Artist: Gerard Cousins
Video title: Mini MCR - " The Sharpest Lives"
Category: Classical

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