Joe Venuti&George Barnes "Almost Like Being In Love" by George Barnes

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I'm a jazz guitarist and avid collector of jazz guitar albums. George Barnes is one of my favorite jazz guitarists, though that may not be the hippest thing to say to a crowd of jazz guitar fans. To his peers, during his days as a session guitarist, he was the most respected cat in NY. Apparently, he could read ANYTHING that was put in front of him. Legend has it that he could read music upside down. I don't know. It doesn't matter for this review. Needless to say, he was one hell of a player. George was a very different sounding guitarist from the normal, cool, bebop guitarists of the 1950's. George's sound was very dynamic, full of slides, slurs, bends and every manner of ornamentation you can imagine. Of course, this was something the beboppers felt was pretty unhip. His sensibilities were hot, swingin', melodic and very impassioned, with a rich, warm tone that absolutely bubbled over with exuberance. In my estimation, his take on playing a beautiful melody was unsurpassed by any electric guitarist. George was extremely gifted at soloing and could spin-off chorus after chorus of sparkling, inventive lines. This is from the album "Gems" which is a great listen. It's fun. It sparkles. It's melancholy. It's beautiful. It freaking SWINGS. Joe Venuti was THE great jazz violinist (along with Stephane Grappelli) and he absolutely swings his butt off on this album.....but I wasn't talking about fiddlers here, was I ? Honestly, I feel like any jazz guitarist should dig this...

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Artist: George Barnes
Video title: Joe Venuti&George Barnes "Almost Like Being In Love"
Category: Jazz & Fusion

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