Line 6 Spider II - 112 Combo Amp

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Spider II - 112 Combo Amp

Company: Line 6
Release Date: 2004

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Note: from guitarhoo review archives originally dated July 7, 2004

Affordable Combo Amp with Great Programmable Effects

Line 6 Spider II - 112 Combo Amp

The Spider II - 112 is an affordable combo amp with great sounds and effects.

12 amp models that deliver a complete range from Clean to Insane. 7 Smart Control effects (up to 3 simultaneous) including Tape Echo, standard Delay, Sweep Echo (all w/Tap Tempo), Chorus/Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo and Reverb, 4 User-programmable channels, Built-infrontpanel TunerHeadphone/Direct Out for practice or recording and 75 watts of power. Plenty of juice to jam with!

The models are a little bit different than, on say, a PODxt or HD147. There are 6 models and all have 2 modes green and red. The first being Clean RED ³ This amp model gives you crisp, amazing clean tones all the way to warm jazz tones.²

Clean GREEN ³ This amp model was developed to emulate late '60s and early '70s clean tones.².

Next up is Twang RED² This amp model is based on our analysis of mid '60s Fender amps. It has that classic glassy tone with some snap and bite².

Twang GREEN ³ this model is based on a number of different vintage Fender tweed amps like a '53 Deluxe and a '58 Bassman. Add a bit of Reverb and some Slap Echo and you'll have swingin' Rockabilly tone².

Blues RED² This amp model slides between gritty, swamp infected cleans to syrupy drive tones²

Blues GREEN² This amp model kind of captures that early British pop/rock tone. Top of the pops man!²

Crunch RED² This model is Loosely based on a '68 Marshall "Plexi" 50-watt. And gives you a wide range of tones even at its highest gain settings.²

Crunch GREEN² Loosely based '68 Marshall "Plexi" 100-watt with a few added extras. We threw in the Variac "brown sound"(their version of a brown sound) trick on top of jumping the input channels! Now you're on fire! ³

Metal RED² This monster truck of tone delivers a tight bottom-end that¹s big, powerful, and fast. Use this amp model to get a punch, high-gain metal sound.²

Metal GREEN² This amp model was created to be an aggressive high-gain amp model with a unique Mid control that will sweep through a huge tonal spectrum.²

Insane RED² By combining the most high-gain earth-shaking tone they could muster, tossed in a sub-octave fuzz, and threw in a phase shifter on top just for good measure. The result: the craziest model you've ever heard, producing screaming, screeching highs and lows to rock your core. Play a lick with single notes and listen as the note is twisted into an alternate dimension. Use with extreme caution.²

Insane GREEN² The goal with Insane was to provide you with as much distortion as possible short of complete meltdown. Crank up the Drive control and prepare to dominate.²

We used a variety of guitars on this little amp to put it through its paces. A Fender American 50th anniversary deluxe strat, a Les Paul standard, and a Jackson DK1 trans blue.

The clean sound was pretty impressive, The Strat had bell like overtones and the 2 and 4 positions yielded some of the quackiest funk tones ever!

The Blues and twang Models seemed best suited for single coils as i was able to get everything from suedo country chicken cluck to full on austin BBQ style.

The crunch and Metal Settings Loved humbuckers. The standard was corpulent and audacious. The Jackson on the other hand became more focused.

The Insane settings, well, we only used the Jackson for this setting and it proved to be our favorite. for everything from Slipknot-esque riffing to buckethead type shredding (not that we can actually do it , but hey its worth a try).

With the FBV short board the programming has even more levels and definition. the treadle can control volume or many of the time based effects. But to line6's fault the foot controller is not included and has an extra charge, we are sure most people would pay more and just get the floorboard.

All in all the SpiderII 112 is a great little amp , whether it be for practice amp for a pro or a jamming all purpose amp for a intermediate player it's a good value under $400.

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